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The degree that teaches you a global perspective on the big issues

Gemma Rushton took a 10 year gap and then decided to study in one of the world’s most incredible environments.

Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what you’re 热爱. 杰玛·拉什顿花了十年时间. 最后,一种激情 环境问题让她搬到了塔斯马尼亚.

“Ten years being out of school, back in the education system is a bit of an adjustment, but the University is really supportive of that,” she says.

“Right from the beginning, they structure it and teach you exactly how it’s set out step by step, so it’s not an overwhelming process." 

Gemma first developed a passion for the environment while 西澳大利亚的户外导游. 在选择研究环境之后, Gemma decided that the University of Tasmania was the best place to do it.

For me, I wanted to choose areas where I would be close to nature, and to the coast. 我越看塔斯马尼亚, 我对这门课的单元看得越多, 我就越被它吸引.

“自从来到这里,我就爱上了这里. 那真是个好地方. Yes, Hobart’s a city, but it doesn’t feel like a city. It feels like a big country town, and for me, that’s important. No crowds, being so close to the bush, all this is really special.” 

吉玛研究 自然环境与荒野学士学位. She says it taught her how to address some of the world’s biggest issues.

“For me personally I’m interested in the conservation side of things which goes really nicely with animal ecology. 和在一起, 你会了解到主要问题, 不仅在塔斯马尼亚,而且在全球范围内, 在澳大利亚也是如此.”

As part of her degree, Gemma was able to travel to Indonesia with a 新的科伦坡计划 奖学金. While there, she learned about a significant environmental issue: deforestation.

I went to Indonesia for two weeks to learn about conservation and sustainability from a neighbouring country but also a global perspective.

The 自然环境与荒野学士学位 teaches students about how to see issues from all perspectives. This makes graduates like Gemma critical thinkers and problem solvers. 这也使得他们非常适合被雇佣.

“You learn how to address where problems might be and arise from, and how to make a plan moving forward for those people in the community and businesses – not just those who like bushwalking.”

While studying, Gemma has also used her degree to gain employment working in her area. She says she met the requirements for the position thanks to her degree.

Gemma is now a Bushland Activity Leader for the Hobart City Council, 设法使她的工作与她的学位相适应.

“It was the help of the degree and my previous experience that they were interested in.”

“The idea is to connect people in the community back with Hobart’s bushland and reserves. 它非常关注年轻一代.”

Many courses at the University of Tasmania give students the opportunity to have practical, 手在体验上. One of Gemma’s highlights of her degree was a camping trip.

Field techniques is a second-year geography unit. We were camped for eight days on North Bruny Island. We were down there putting everything we’d learnt so far into action.

“We were getting that hands-on experience with activities like animal trapping, 看植物上的昆虫, 观鸟, 看看火灾造成的损失, 土壤样本和标记一切.”

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